Backyard Garden Pros SLI5294 Brass Gooseneck Garden Hose Shut Off Valve Connector

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  • **Makes hard to reach areas much simpler to attach hoses and watering devices without hurting your hands.
  • **Allows you to attach automatic watering devices in a way that makes them easier to read without bending over to see them.
  • **Eliminates wear and tear on your hoses as they are pulled at odd angles by conveniently swiveling in the direction you want your hose to go, without effecting the water tight seal.
  • **Works great on sprinklers so you can easily connect them and unhook them without having to twist your hose into those hard plastic connectors found on most sprinklers.
  • **Control all water flow with the valve at the mouth of the hose without having to walk back and forth to the spigot to turn the water on and off.

Product Detail

Product Description

Are you tired of trying to connect a hose in a hard to reach area?

Or wish you could connect and disconnect your sprinklers without having to go back and forth to the spigot?

Well, this high quality Backyard Garden ProsBrass Gooseneck Connector could be the answer you have been looking for. Check out some of great features designed into this time-saving, anger-eliminating product.

- Attaching this gooseneck connector can make it much easier to hook a hose up in a hard to reach area where you need the connector facing out and not down.
- Can add longevity to your hoses because our gooseneck connector allows you to swivel the direction of the connector so that you don't have to pull the hoses to get make them go in the direction you are working.
- You are in complete control of the water flow at the valve so you eliminate multiple trips back and forth to the spigot to turn water on and off when changing a watering device.

The Backyard Garden Pros Brass Gooseneck Connector will make your life easier!

This gooseneck connector is built of high quality brass and made to last. Please note that brass does contain trace amounts of lead, so you should consider your planned use before purchase. This device is an excellent water control shut off and will serve you well.

Your satisfaction is really important to us which is why this, and every product we sell, is backed with a Backyard Garden Pros Happy Customer Guarantee that we live by. We want you to be happy you chose to do business with us every time.

So go ahead and order today. You will love your gooseneck connector. WE GUARANTEE IT!

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