Garden Hose to Hose Shut Off Valve (1 Unit!) | Indoor & Outdoor Faucet Extension. Ergonomic, Aesthetic, and Highly Durable!

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  • I'M SPECIAL & BEAUTIFUL! Classic ergonomic structure with an insulating TPR cover. ARTHRITIS FRIENDLY. A single easy grip & turn, extra-large shut-off valve controls water flow. Quarter turn, and water is off, even with wet hands.
  • I'M HERE TO STAY. A heavy-duty construction, withstands hot water temperatures and high pressure.
  • I'M LOW MAINTENANCE. TAKE ME, AND BE ON YOUR WAY. Easy-peasy quick connect. No need to wait for your husband or next year...easy-on swivel connector assures accurate connection to faucet, and full water flow right away.
  • MY SUPER POWERS AT YOUR SERVICE. Fix leaking faucets, save tons of time and water, prolong the life expectancy of hoses and spray nozzles, and keep your family safe, happy and healthy. All of this is bundled with our 2 years money back guarantee, and our tiny gift of 3 rubber washers!
  • 2-way Flow control switch adapter, two-way hoses nozzle fittings parts, 3-way water timer shut-off swivel accessories, extra-long control handles, full-flow 4-way y connection sprinklers adapters, EZ watering nozzles cutoff fitting, handle balls valves Aluminous thread, TPR rubber coating, durable in high temperature.

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  • Product Dimensions: 2.17 x 1.57 x 3.58 inches;
  • ASIN: B00R1RX4JO
  • Item model number: 50191
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Product Description

This Unit Made A Lot of Difference In People's Lives...

Fixed My Leaky Faucet (Rita L. Cain, LA)
"Had a leaky outdoor faucet leading to the garden hose [...] so I bought this as an attempt to stop the leak and replace it with something I could replace easily...This works perfectly for my purposes! "

Made My Gardening A Much Easier Task! (Shawn E. Morris, FL)
"Suddenly even turning on the faucet during the summer has become 10 times easier since instead of cranking a handle 10-20 times, I simply give something a quarter turn and I have water!"

I Stopped Running, and Saved Tons of Time and Water (Sandra W. Field, GA)
"I have them permanently attached to hoses and I leave the hoses under pressure. This product keeps me from turning on an open hose then walking from the faucet to the hose. Having the shut off right where I am working saves a huge amount of time."

No More Crippling My Hoses (John S. Moore, CA)
"I Spent years crimping the hose to stop water flow which is really bad for the hose and ultimately contributes to hose cracks and leaks. This product solved this once and for all!"

But Frankly, Who Needs a Nozzle At All? (Theresa R. Kain, IL)
A great leaky faucet repair unit with shut off valve. Garden hose nozzle shutoff swivel. A helpful hose connector to sprinkler. Outdoor faucet extension with long handle. Hose quick connect fitting with long lever.

After All, It's Family's Safety First (Erica T. Mager, MD)
"We are using this so we can easily fill our daughter's kiddie pool without having to march around the porch to the far-off spigot (which is tricky with a toddler you can't leave alone and who doesn't want to leave her water toys even for a second!). Love it!"

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