Hydroponics Diamond Foil 5 Mil Reflective Material On White 4' x 100'

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  • 94% Reflective material
  • 100% Opaque
  • Reusable
  • 5 mil thick
  • 4ft x 100ft

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Product Description

Blackout Foil Canvas-White- 100 Foot Double up on the use of your reflective material with Black Foil Canvas. Its reflective material allows for 94% of the light that is omitted to its surface to be bounced back and reused. The unique material makes it 100% opaque. Light is impenetrable through this material. The most efficient material on the market for stopping light bleed.

-94% Reflective material
-100% Opaque
-4 x 100ft
-5 mil thick

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