Poly Repair Tape - 6 inch x 108 feet - Greenhouse Plastic - 1 each

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  • Purchase a 6 inch x 8 feet roll of cear UV protected acrylic Poly repair tape.
  • Super strong holding adhesive. Perfect to use on greenhouse film.
  • Great for tarp repair also.
  • The poly tape can be used for general purpose sealing, splicing, seaming, surface protection and temporary hold down.
  • This roll of poly tape will have over 2 times the amount of typical rolls.

Product Detail

Product Description

Designed specifically for repairing film in greenhouses, this heavy-duty, poly repair tape is made out of UV protected acrylic. Need holes patched in your plastic? Need rips repaired? Do you need to just keep your plastic in place while securing it to your greenhouse? If that's the case, then you need Poly Repair Tape. Its large width and extra sticky surface give it superior holding power. Even the adhesive is UV protected. This UV protection prevents the adhesive bond from deteriorating, so it lasts longer.

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